Sunday, September 11, 2011

Training the Trainers

What would you consider a key part of the Methodist Church is? It's style of worship maybe, it's approach to social mission or even the democratic nature of it's structure. All of these would be technically correct, yet also wildly wrong.

A great strength of the church is the positive place it gives to lay people, or in non-church speak- volunteers. From leading worship at chapel to running fringe events at national conferences, the church couldn't exist without the thousands of human hours donated/given to the church.

Interactive learning about workshop priorities
Today I spent a wonderful afternoon with people from the Children & Youth Team. As part of my day job I'll be attending the annual youth assembly and leading some workshop style sessions. However this afternoon wasn't a chance to be told why I'd been asked, or even a chance to find out about the practicalities (though, if asked, I know I'd have been given the answers). Today was a chance to be trained in basic learning, facilitation and feedback techniques.

What I realised through this was workshop leaders or keynote speakers or indeed anyone invited to take a role in an organisations event is rarely given the chance for training in basics and groundrules. This event though will be different, all will have been offered training to ensure the skills and gifts they bring can help the widest range of people deepen their faith and change their lives.

So, a challenge to me and everyone else. If you are running keynote events for a community - when do you create a space to ensure those offering their skills are all upto a high standard and share some basic understanding? Paid or voluntary, all can learn, share and explore before leading others on such a process. I've been challenged today in many ways, least of all to consider how I support those I ask to do tasks for me. When do you support or equip those you trust decisions to - a note in a minute to "do" something isn't enough if you don't build in space to ask questions, share knowledge and lay groundrules.

Thank you Children & Youth team. You continue to challenge the church through your positive example

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