Saturday, September 17, 2011

on way every committee and church should watch #DoctorWho Season 6 - The Girl Who Waited

We've all been there. Midway through a meeting a bold and brave new suggestion is put forward on the table, an eary silence drops over the room and no-one quiet knows what to do. Some people are sat there thinking 'we've done this all before, I'm not doing that again'. Others think 'what a brilliant idea, let's bash through and get on with it'. Some may think 'what's next on the agenda' and a final few... well they just keep themselves to themselves so long as everyone 'feels alright'. Last weeks Doctor Who was a highlight of the series. It contained it all, an absent Doctor, peril for the humans, non-thinking robots acting out an algorithm (this time killing through kindness) and difficult choices to be made to reach a conclusion. The twist, this week, being Amy Pond gets two versions - one the one we know and met at the beginning of the episode, the other 36 years older (looking the same!)more bitter, twisted and independent. Rory got to meet a future version of his wife, Amy got to see what happened if she ever just 'went it alone'. Why does this link into committees and religious groups? Because the pivot point within this tale ultimately focussed on risk taking - if we could see into the future would we jettison all of today to get there? Would we ignore things we have yet to learn or do we, instead, kill off the future but appreciate and travel with the present? Not following? Well how many times have you heard people predict the future, based on a paper they are responding to? All to often church meetings get stuck on points and never look at the ability of anything to transform individuals and deepen relationships. The problem being, if we ignore that then people end up being part of a community in which they are forgotten, and forget how to be part of a group. Every church committee should sit down and watch the Girl who waited because, ultimately, it is not about the power of group think, but it is a good reminder about the strength of being part of a group and a lesson to us all never to leave anyone out waiting....because after 30odd years they are unlikely to come back....

TELL.SHOW.BE. - English from Tell.Show.Be on Vimeo.

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