Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awoke to the sound of the Christian Legal Centre

Having a radio alarm is a marvellous invention. In principle you awake, soothed by funky tunes or challenged by interesting talk. Unfortunately my radio is tuned to Radio 4's Today program. This means I am either soothed by good things or rudely awakened by politicians I find I have a strong response to!

Today's interview of note was with a barrister from the Christian Legal Centre and centred around the reality behind his claim that Christians are persecuted in the uk.  Fascinating listening avaliable here.


  1. Must be luxury to be able to set a radio alarm for 8.30 am

  2. "Politicians you have a strong response too."

    Yes. GoveDuck is very annoying.

  3. Just listened to it. Paul Diamond makes the UK sound like Pakistan! Manufacturing persecution.

  4. @Methodist Preacher - My alarm usually goes at 6.30am so, yes, you are right Thursday was a well earned lye-in

    @Ros - It made challenging hearing but a good debate to have. Certainly drew out the poison and allowed both sides to be heard and listeners to make their own minds up

  5. Yes. Good debate - good on the BBC for bringing the two sides into the studio.

    It's why we love the BBC.