Monday, February 14, 2011

War on Want (2)

Morning all

Last Sunday I profiled the work of War on Want. Since then the charity has released a special 60th anniversary letter, also looking for a response. Beneath are two things

i) The text to read

ii) A link that enables you to sign the letter.

Please, sign it today and lets continue to support organisations that tackle the causes of war and poverty.
Sixty years ago, the Guardian carried a letter from the publisher Victor Gollancz calling for people to join him in an urgent campaign against world poverty and militarism. Britain was fighting an unwinnable war in Asia, the Korean War, and Gollancz asked all who agreed with his call for a negotiated settlement to end the conflict to send him a postcard marked with the single word ‘yes’. Within a month 10,000 people had responded, and War on Want was born.
Today Britain is mired in another unwinnable war in Asia, this time in Afghanistan. As detailed in War on Want's new report on Afghanistan, the Afghan people are paying a terrible price for the ongoing occupation of their country. The surge in military activity has led not to more security but to greater insecurity, both in Afghanistan itself and in neighbouring Pakistan as well. Opinion polls consistently show over 70 per cent of British people now support the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, either ‘immediately’ or ‘soon’.
We, the undersigned, believe that the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan is against the interests of the Afghan people. We call for the immediate withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, and a negotiated settlement which guarantees self-determination, security and human rights for the Afghan people.
If you agree please join us by adding your name.

Sign the letter today

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