Thursday, February 03, 2011

looking forward to Louis Theroux tonight

The bumbling Englishman is core to the UKs media output. From Michael Palin to Love Actually there is a mirriad of films that enable an element of UK culture to be explored on screen.   A key player of this role is Louis Theroux. His films mix our voyerist wish with bumbling politeness and, through this, we have all enjoyed some stunning moments in television.

Tonight on BBC 2 he spends time with 'ultra zionists' living in disputed territory in Palestine. Many people have opinions of the region, the rights the wrongs and the challenges, rarely do we get the chance to hear from these most dedicated of Israeli supporters.

Looking at the back cataloge  of films, we could be in for a treat tonight. From living with Nazis to spending a turbulent time with Neil and Christine Hamilton, he has seen it all yet, always, forces the subject of the film to be the star. He is more an observer, prodding where appropriate and responding to events, that enables many a viewer to be part of a scene we are watching on screen.

Going back to tonights film I'm reminded that battles for justice demand a few simple facts. The first fact is the ability to put yourself in the other persons shoes, to understand their starting point and their outlook.  Louis's film is unlikely to be a political film, instead I hope it gives the chance for Israeli and Palestinian people to put their views across.  For it is through this outlook to film-making, including passive (slighlty probing) questioning he opens up many issues and his most successful films are made.

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