Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Song - The Miracle - Dedicated to David Kato

This week's 'Sunday Song' is dedicated to David Kato. This man was recently killed in very questionable circumstances.  He was killed after being 'named and shamed' for being a homosexual in the Ugandan newspaper 'Rolling Stone'. While the newspaper editor acts like pontious pilot, claiming that printing details of people isn't inciting violence, there stands the question about 'outing' homosexuals in a country where being gay is still illegal.

However the 'Sunday Song' is chosen because of the vile travesty that was the man's funeral.  While appreciating that sexuality causes many a vicar to get their knickers in a twist, I have never before heard of a minister of religion using a funeral to condemn the very principles that the person they are committing to God stood for.  That's right. The minister used the situation of Mr Kato's funeral to berate those who are homosexual as turning away from the bible.

As Freddie Mercury et all remind us, we are all miracles on earth. While some may interpret the bible in one way, and I'd choose another, we have no right to limit God's love and for me that funeral address crossed that line from challenging taste to near heretical.

So please, sit back and listen to the song and consider where today you'll find an expression of God's miracle that is not just humanity but life it'self throughout this entire planet.

Take Care Y'All


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