Saturday, January 08, 2011


The Internet is an ever-changing space. Not only has the nature of content evolved from 'viewing a page on a screen' to the more fluid 'read, comment, edit and ammend on screen' but the way we view the Internet has changed.

Whereas once the Internet was cable based to desk-top, now we are wireless through satalite. To keep up with this new, portable, Internet isn't easy. Suddenly design becomes important.

I was close to move from beloved, customisable blogger to rigid, yet mobile screen friendly, Wordpress when I found a wonderful blogpost. It mentioned the addition of mobile friendly layouts if you login through and activate mobile layout.

Those reading this on a computer should see no difference but those loading this on a phone now should.


[hat tip to Blog Herald for the info. Does anyone know a good blogging app for iPhone?]

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