Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Song - One of Mary

Peggy Seeger 'Be an Engineer'

This week is the week Christians remember Mary, mother to Jesus.   Some get rather pious and paint her as some angelical demi-god, others barely remember her. The reality is - like so many women in the world - she had a situation thrust upon her and and made the best of it.

Whatever one's view of Mary, no-one should forget the real role women play in society. From being involved in 70% of the world's agricultural practices, to baring the brunt of the cuts in the UK - the silent majority are neglected to only be seen as part-time cooks, cleaners and rearers!

So this sunday - light a candle and remember Mary.... then remember

  • All the women who 'suffer in silence' because of abuse in the home
  • All the women who are forced to change their life plans because of unplanned pregnancies
  • All the women left to carry the financial can when men desert them
  • All the women who take on menial or degrading jobs to pay the bills

then remember

  • All the women who fought to ensure women had the vote
  • All the women chain-makers who fought for workers rights
  • All the women in high-office, demonstrating that gender has no baring on ability to do a job

Then finish by remembering:

Nov 2nd marks the day (according to the Fawcett society) that women stop earning.  Although the UK has had the equal pay act for 40 years, there is a living pay gap of around 16.4%.

(For quality feminist writing I cannot help but recommend - The F Word - blog and accompanying book)

Take Care Y'All