Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks is Good For Us

Today The Guardian helped serve a great purpose for the nation.   It filtered and published a selection of papers from the WikiLeaks release of international cables. At least one of my friends is already spitting feathers and calling for the death penalty, me - well I'm rather pleased we had the release.

What I have seen so far seems to be little over a diplomatic version of 'Heat Magazine'.  While there could be some real problems caused by some of the papers - the overall impression created is the chance to listen in to what the neighbours really think of us.

I think this will only be good for all.  The Archbishop of Canterbury wrote a brilliant book (The Truce of God - Peacemaking in Troubled Times) looking at issues of peace and war - for him notions of national security are so-often built on insecurity therefore can't really lead to security.  Steps like this mass disclosure lead to greater openness and understanding and (ultimately) could lead to a world where matters of security and diplomacy are built on understanding not fear.

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's paper which promises American views on our new Government......

Take Care Y'All