Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Song - Voting Systems

This week's Sunday Song is a pun-tastic tribute to next summer's potential referendum.

The voting system in place for seats in the House of Commons is a historical anomaly.   Since the announcement earlier this week of intent to change it to a more proportional - the parties have been quick out the blocks to denounce a move to more proportional votes.  Why? In part because behind this will sit a constituency boundary change (again!) which could disempower labour and empower the tories.

For readers yet to be convinced about the merits of a more proportional voting system - lets look at this chart from the BBC Election 2010 site outlining total number of votes cast v seats gained (for full chart click here )

Liberal Democrat57813-56,836,82423.0+1.0

Once you get over the fact that around 4 million people voted for other parties that didn't gain seats, here are some ratios*

  • For a Conservative seat an average of 34, 940 votes
  • For a Labour seat an average of 33,370 votes required
  • For a Liberal Democrat seat an average of 119, 994 votes required

This is clearly not fair and not representative.

Take Care Y'All


*Figures gained via dividing seats by votes- this is a simple tool and not a true reflection of seats as that would require going seat by seat etc)