Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here come the women in black...

Today has been a fun mix of things. Most interesting was leafletting while a women in black vigil went on. For readers not hot on their history some info on women in black. They were a group of women in Latin America who would gather and vigil for husbands and sons lost via the secret police. This act gained a worldwide solidarity movement leading to women women wore black and holding vigils in many different countries. It is a positive affirmation of international sisterhood and today's vigil - among the hustle, bustle, trade and street cleaners, was thinking of palestinian women living in Palestine and the occupied territories. As a male I wasn't able to join but instead handed out leaflets.This act can seem mundane but instead bore fascinating fruit. I talked with a few people including ..... there was the person suggesting peace would come to the middle east if only everyone sat down and played john lennon's music to each other .... there was the person from Egypt who wanted to support the demo but wouldn't, because they felt the only resolution would be had via violent methods- although the individual did wish that wasn't the case .... there was the person in fear as personal relationships meant they could put their visa in jeopady Each person with their own perspective. Each with an element of truth and each with a view that should be heard. Global solidarity is about hearing the cry of others and responding accordingly. Through a response it is possible to highlight hidden people, challenge accepted norms in our own corner of the planet and stand firm with all around the world feeling marginalised or forgotten. The great privaledge of working to deliver peace, justice and understanding is the chance to hear other peoples stories as part of that journey, the hard work is responding effectively and suitably. Take Care Y'all John

Friday, June 18, 2010

Remembering Olive Morgan

A video in tribute to Olive Morgan who died last month.  After hearing of her death I remembered two things, the first was the time we spent at Methodist Conference on different stalls where we kept each other amused throughout with jokes and discussion. The second was our day at the Evangelical Alliance 'Godblogs' day where her experience put many others to shame.

It is apt therefore that in the week before Methodist Conference the Evangelical Alliance (with permission from Olive's family) have released a full interview filmed at that day event.  A fine tribute to her and one that is released for all to repost in tribute.

If you wish to post this video as a tribute click here for the embedding code
If you wish to give a gift in memory click here to find out about the Edward Morgan Fund