Sunday, June 06, 2010

@unepandyou Sunday Song - Joni Mitchell

"Don't it always seem to go
you don't know what you've got til its gone
They paved over paradise 
and put up a parking lot"

This week's sunday song is in the spirit of 'Environment Sunday'.  Today, all round the country, people of a christian persuasion will be challenged to consider the role of the environment within their faith.  Hopefully people we realise with joy and excitement what embracing an environmental outlook can do to enhance their faith.

Thankfully this isn't a one off event - this is part of worldwide celebrations of world environment day.  After the slow progress made at copenhagen, and as world governments shift away from environment to economics (without attempting to link the two) it is all the more important to ensure we - as active citizens - take action and show that the environment isn't just a luxury to be pursued and protected in boom times.  The environment is what shapes, nurtures, challenges and potentially bankrupts us.

If you don't believe me - just ask a pensioner or single parent family who can't afford their energy bill or a fisherman struggling to earn a living from depleted stocks or a farmer unable to sell their produce because GM or chemical elements have blown over their crops.

Helpful links to explore this issue more
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Take care y'all