Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Song - Something Inside So Strong

Today's Sunday Song is a stunning song.  Grab a cuppa, sit down, shut of the noise of the world and enjoy it. Enjoy it because it shows hope, potential and the fact there is a better world we can all reach.

People said South Africa would end in a bloodbath - instead it ended in a truth and reconciliation commission that enabled a nation to move forward by confronting the missjudged power of the past.   Violence breeds violence - both in words and deeds.

People said men, women, gays, blacks shouldn't have a vote, a say in society or the basic right to walk along the street.  Other said no - you cannot build your security upon someone else. That breeds insecurity.  It delivers a world in which you only feel secure by oppressing others - that isn't security.

Ultimately this Sunday Song is dedicated to all those willing to make a stand and make the world a better place. If you want to see me weep then it's fairly easy - sit me down with Bread and Roses, Milk, Land and Freedom...Sit me down with a film that shows people saying "No! We will not take this any more. These are our rights and we will stand firm until we get them".


  1. Brings back memories it does, a very moving song.

    They still print Bread & Roses? Or do you mean the film?

  2. Sally - Happy to be of service

    Chris H - I was meaning the film