Thursday, November 18, 2010

Olive be having that thank you very much

This morning's radio brought a rude reminder of injustice in the world.   If you click here you will find a short item on how the olive groves are a source of conflict in the 'occupied' territories of Palestine.  

I find it sad to find Israel's actions are defended by some.  It was a country born out of necessity, yet now appears to be handing out to others what it it'self is a reminder of.  Repression of people due to class, race or religion is a despicable thing.  Every political argument has it's extremists - yet when the organs of state enable that it is horrendous.  A perplexing part of the report - and one not fully explored by the Methodist blogs around this subject - is the concept of Israel being a land 'promised by God'.  How does anyone debate with that idea? How can you effectively tackle this in a way that doesn't appear like you are attacking someones faith.  The two are interlinked and on this occasion lead to injustice.   Israel, as a nation, has the right to exist. It doesn't have the right or legal backing to constantly expand beyond predetermined borders. It doesn't have the moral right to oppress another to claim it can then have it's own freedom. Yet, if you believe your state is gift from something grater than the laws of the earth, how can you be effectively engaged with?

I'm reminded of the Archbishop of Canterbury who  reflects and reminds us all that security built upon insecurity will never be lasting security.  South Africa is a lesson to us all - once those in power trust and hand over that power to others in region then all can coexist and the nation can flourish.  Until then violence will always occur because the root causes are never tackled.

(If you can't imagine what this may be like - I would suggest watching Lemon Tree- a stunning film bringing out the issues faced by both groups of people in the area)

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