Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Song- Proud of the BBC

Today's Sunday Song comes courtesy of Radio 4 funny-man Mitch Benn.  By taking an amble through the myriad of programs that the corporation produces, it makes clear just why it is worth being proud of our national institution.

Why have it now? 

Well, partly because we're getting to autumn when lazy summer evenings out fail and we all scurry back indoors - just in time for the latest epic blockbuster ( I would recommend Mark 'Doctor Who & Sherlock Holmes' Gattiss's new programme 'The First Men in the Moon' this coming Tuesday on BBC 4).

Partly because the BBC Archive site has had some brilliant stuff on it recently, including The Egg Race (building stuff), CBBC Broom Cupboard and a fascinating series on the (sadly) unending Gay rights movement.  The highlight of which being a programme called 'The Lord's My Shepard and he Knows I'm Gay -featuring interviews with founding members of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement; 30 year old footage still causing some pause for thought.

Finally because the Beelzebub of the Broadcasting world, Rupert Murdoch, wants to rapidly increase his stake in Sky.  But never fear we can all rely on Buisness Secretary Vince Cable to defend the interests of the nation, that old communist....pscht!  Instead let's turn to people power and fill out the campaign (stating our objection to the plan) from e-xciting e-lobby group 38 Degrees!
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