Thursday, October 07, 2010

Happy Birthday & Happy Retirement

Today is a day the whole world can rejoice. Archbishop Desmond Tutu celebrates his 79th Birthday and with that goes to collect his pension and retire.

I'm deeply sad at this because he is one of the biggest religious inspirations I have ever had and I've had the pleasure of meeting him once, and hearing him speak twice. Although he came back to many of the same messages (See video above) his still found new ways and means of phrasing things and, well, if you've ever heard him laugh you'd just want to bottle it!

Thank goodness he wrote down his wisdom while he was preaching, teaching and changing the world!

Happy Birthday Desmond! Enjoy your retirement, may it bring you much happiness

(To read my report on meeting him, re-read the article I wrote for Ekklesia )

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