Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Song - Methodist Conference #methconf

(With apologies to Jimmy Kennedy)

If you go down to Ports-mouth today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to Ports-mouth today
You'd better go in disguise.

For Wesley's Folk, are gath-er-ing there
They'll talk and sing for certain, because
Today's the day that Metho-dists have their Con-frence!
Methodist Conference 2010 has gathered in Portsmouth.  Already the ministers have had their sessions and now, Sunday afternoon, new ministers and deacons are being ordained after being affirmed by standing vote at this morning's business session.

This years conference, unlike my adjusted lyrics, is a serious affair.  There are some weighty issues for discussion including "racism, nuclear weapons and Israel-Palestine".  Alongside this is a well anticipated 'away match' with the Archbishop of Canterbury coming to speak. To assure you this isn't a questionably cheap shot to appear 'down with the kids' on the day everyones thinking about a football match - earlier this year the President and Vice President of Conference spoke at the General Synod .... well .... ok ....hopefully his will provide a more positive outcome than the match and there are no winners in Christian conferring - only a better understanding....

If you are not able to attend the conference and are worrying about what you could be missing then rest easy! This year's conference is being streamed (both video and audio) via the web.  Readers of this blog will know this has been tried before but this years setup appears more stable than previous years and - interesting - involves an iplayer-esque 'watch again' option.  So if you want to know what Methodists are saying about a hot topic then head on over to  the Methodist Conference webstreaming page today!

Take Care Y'All


P.S. If you wish to see the official hymn that opens conference then head over to Richard Hall's blog and sing it to yourself as you got about your afternoon's business - or mull over another challenging half time and potentially negative England result

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