Friday, June 18, 2010

Remembering Olive Morgan

A video in tribute to Olive Morgan who died last month.  After hearing of her death I remembered two things, the first was the time we spent at Methodist Conference on different stalls where we kept each other amused throughout with jokes and discussion. The second was our day at the Evangelical Alliance 'Godblogs' day where her experience put many others to shame.

It is apt therefore that in the week before Methodist Conference the Evangelical Alliance (with permission from Olive's family) have released a full interview filmed at that day event.  A fine tribute to her and one that is released for all to repost in tribute.

If you wish to post this video as a tribute click here for the embedding code
If you wish to give a gift in memory click here to find out about the Edward Morgan Fund

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  1. an amazing lady indeed, an inspiration to many of us!