Wednesday, February 03, 2010

So, The Carnival is Over

America has its lame duck period. We just have a fake election.  From the moment parliament returned from it’s recess, Parliament was gearing up less to deliver good legislation and more to stake each parties claim for its right to rule.
Tonight and tomorrow I wish to highlight two items up for debate this Friday. 

On this day, MPs who choose to be in London can show their support for Private Members Bills that aim to bring in legislation that the Government has either been unwilling to unable to demonstrate themselves.

For me, an election isn’t an excuse to stop delivering justice and the two issues I wish to highlight demonstrate how – even in the dying days of the current government – MPs have the chance to deliver justice.

Oh, and did I mention – these aren’t abstract MPs.  These means YOUR MP has the chance to deliver on the issue.

So hold tight, embrace this digital age and prepare to send two emails.  One today and one tomorrow.

And if you really care.  Email your MP then pick up the phone and tell them about what you’ve just sent them.

Your email could make all the difference.

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