Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday was spent among people of great faith, and many different religions, using our bodies and our voices to illustrate our opposition to Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Establishment which is the UK nuclear 'bomb factory'.

Arriving slightly late at 7.30am we found three people already lying down in the road glued together. As time marched on and it came close to 8.30am numbers had swelled and around 100 people were standing, singing, praying and a few were lying on the ground.

The protesters, who had been standing were corralled by police and a small lane had opened up. After the initial protesters had been removed  I was beginning to wonder if the gate would stay open. Thankfully others leapt onto the road and with two groups of protesters lying in the road, and many more of us standing about we were all shocked when the police called (in effect) retreat and left us, gate shut.

We only truly saw, when an articulated lorry and a couple of cars were turned away, later on that police had declared the gate shut.   We had won.

The day left me with strong emotions.  I went having listed myself as 'unarrestable' yet I soon realised that I was feeling close to joining friends lying down in the road..... next year I think I will reconsider that option.  When Jesus turned over the tables he was tackling the very existence of the traders in the temple.  If I want, and I do, a world free of nuclear weapons, I need to take all the steps I can to ensure we never have the chance to drop that third bomb.

(For a news report of the day see Ekklesia)

Take Care Y'All


Take Care Y'all

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