Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Song COP15 Special

"The task of belivers isn't to spread a few good ideas to a few promising people. We are to transform the face of the earth" Archbishop Williams
When the Rev, the Honorable, Archbishop of Cantebury, Rowan Williams, addressed thousands of worshippers at a service yesterday, he present a clear message. Rooted in scripture, theology, science and reality, we were challenged.   Challenged to think about how we are spreading good news.  The good news that is good for all creation. That is good creation for all, not just the people we like (listen to the whole sermon).
This week, at Copenhagen, the world's leaders and negociators have the chance to transform the face of the world, and the future of the planet. If we take heed of the science we can mitigate against previous mistakes and build to a positive future.

However, once the negociating is over the hard work begins. It's upto all of us to make great moves that enable us to reduce our carbon footprint.  This isn't some namby-pamby middle class privaledge.  This is a clear way to deliver social justice.  More carbon effecient homes mean lower heating bills.  More localised food means better diet and better local industry.   More carbon effecient countries mean others, often the poorest, don't suffer the consequencies of our addiction to oil.

So this weeks Sunday Song is dedicated to the committee.  From Church Council or PCC to the world's leaders at Copenhagen.  Let's just hope people are willing to make the leap of faith.  One that says that we want a better world and we are willing to help make that happen.

Take Care Y'All