Friday, November 27, 2009

Stopping the Vultures

The moves to stop the vultures continues with much pace.  I had a fantastic email action from Jubilee Debt Campaign in my inbox this morning and I just had to share it....(ok this is my write up of it)

The call is simple - This latest case is yet another example of the horrors of Vulture Funds.  They can be stopped if an MP introduces a private members bill.   The 'winners' of the poll this year to introduce a bill (of their choice) are currently deciding what to introduce....

So.... JDC have suggested....if Vulture Funds get your Goat (not to mix my animals up) then contact the MPs direct.  But also I would suggest letting your own MP know your concerns and asking them to lobby the MPs to introduce such a bill as welll.

Incase you don't know the winners list they are

1. Dr Brian Iddon MP (Labour, Bolton South East): 
2. David Chaytor MP (Labour, Bury North): 
3. Andrew Gwynne MP (Labour, Denton and Reddish): 
4. Albert Owen MP (Labour, Ynys Môn): 
5. Julie Morgan MP (Labour, Cardiff North): 
6. Anthony Steen MP (Conservative, Totnes):
7. Alistair Burt MP (Conservative, North East Bedfordshire): 

As ever, if you want more info then go to the Jubilee Debt Campaign page and also send the MP there as well... or make it easier and print out a Vulture Funds briefing and send it to them with a note.

(Brief History........
Spring 2009 - An early day motion is lodged opposing the practice of Vulture Funds - this EDM currently has over 200 MPs signatures - the equivalent of a 1/3rd of the house
Late Spring 09 - Sally Keeble, and a group of cross bench MPs introduce a Private Members Bill to severly limit the practice of Vulture Funds
Spring 2009 onwards and JDC gets thousands and thousands of lobby cards signed by members of the public

Summer 2009 and the Government has a consultation on the issue of Vulture Funds - an issue no-one was talking about (bar JDC) around Christmas last year
Autum 2009 - Consultation closes and no further word from the government....)

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