Thursday, August 07, 2008

Simply the best?

Premier Radio have teamed up with a variety of others to launch the 2nd Annual Blog and Website awards. So get thinking and nominating. For more info - see here Take Care Y'All John

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Song

"We miss the presence of our fellow bishops who are not here, whether through illness or the difficulties of travel or other reasons or pressures. We also deeply regret the absence of those who, out of conviction, did not feel able to accept the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury to our gathering. We miss their presence, their fellowship and their wisdom and assure them of our continuing love and prayers. We are very aware that some of our fellow bishops who met in Jerusalem last month have not been present at the Lambeth Conference. We have been diminished by their absence. We shall seek ways in which they may be drawn into our deliberations and held in communion. Our concern now is to rebuild bridges, to look for opportunities to share with them the experience we have had in Canterbury and to find ways of moving forward together in our witness to the Lord Jesus Ch"
(From Draft 4 of the document created by the Indaba Process) The Indaba process, used throughout the Lambeth conference, appears to be creating some system through which different views and opinions are able to be shared, listened to and learnt from. This has been used with the aim of moving participants forward in their journey of learning and sharing. The the various stories leaking, blogging and shared showed a system by which a form of discussion may just be creating rays of hope amongst a dark background of religious back-biting, bigotory and just plane rudeness. So this weeks song is dedicated to every Bishop attending the Lambeth Conference. May they all realize the joys of each other, the richness of their traditions and the ultimate interdependence on each other and the communities they serve. (For a copy of the 'official' Bishop's Photograph see hereaditions , and then here for additional commentary It is also dedicated to Bishop Alan, Thinking Anglicans, Dave Walker and the many other bloggers dedicated to posting reflections throughout the event. Take Care Y'All John