Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Cracks Widen

The Blogosphere has exploded over GAFCON,Lambeth and the General Synod... Some highlights so far have included...
Gay sex started it all. And the more the headlines rolled in, the more the cracks widened.
(Giles Fraser) Giles Fraser is back at his best. This time examining the global (theological) challenge to the Anglican Church.
the liberal English, whatever divine hypothesis they favour, should not allow Williams to fight alone. If we don't want bigots running our liberal church, we'd better show it more support. One step might be to turn up for the odd service.
Will Hutton making the case for Liberal Anglicanism
I am hearing the most incredible sermon from the Archbishop of Canterbury. I am going to blog it live, right away. Maybe this is overstating it, but it feels from my seat in the north transept, with my fellow 'sinners' of the press close by, as though he's just saved the Church of England.
Ruth Gledhill getting all bleary eyed and (for once) not pushing for schism within the C of E Bishop Alan continues to look on in shock and awe, and provides a history of the discussion (in his own un-beatable way) Graham Martin reflects upon thoughts from all sides Revd Hall, down Swansea way, sighs at his continued reading of the Anglican Methodist Covenant.. To finish; does ASBO Jesus turn our attention to weighter matters?

Sunday Song

This week's song is from the stalwart of bizzare, amusing and remarkably 'in'dated (and yet in a strangeway outdated) humour Monty Python. If they won't play a song like that on the radio then we'd all better hope the new President and Vice President of Conference keep their addresses clean as you can watch and listen to all the proceedings this year! Take Care Y'All John