Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm back

I'm back and blogging. *Phew* Wasn't that an exciting moment, and a few minutes early as well.  As with all relaunches most of you will have already looked at the page and seen most of the redesign.  Some more tweaking will go on over the next few weeks. I have others things in my life beside blogging but hope to update around twice or three times a week. Take Care Y'All John

Watch : Then Act

" I like being part of a church where, after the Tsunami, the Archbishop (of Cantebury) says not, "I can see God's hand in this" but rather, "A lot of you might think that this proves it's all rubbish" - and then he goes to the next stage and tells you that his faith is still there, and gives you some reasons why, and some examples, and then you begin to go with him"
Ian Hislop (Atheist With Doubts : Why I am Still an Anglican) Thousands have died, over a million have been made homeless. Regardless of the politics of the Government those within the country who survived face an increase in the price of food, building materials. They also have to contend with polluted drinking water and poor sanitation. This is a disaster on a scale unseen for years. The only thing to do is respond, dig deep and donate. Methodist Relief and Development Fund have launched an appeal. Christian Aid have launched an appeal. Disasters Emergency Committee have launched an appeal. All three are trusted sources. The need is so great. Take Care Y'All John

Monday, May 05, 2008

Songs of Praise

To celebrate the Bank Holiday a special edition of 'Songs of Praise' from the archives...

...well at least one programs archives!

Enjoy the Bank Holiday!

Take Care Y'All


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ascension Day

Ascension Day came and went last Thursday.  It's the day in the mainstream Christian calender where Jesus's ascension into Heaven is celebrated.  Ascension day is exciting.  Why?  Because it leaves the ball firmly in our court.  Jesus has come, lived out the Good News and now he has left. Humanity no longer has a guide.  Instead we must reflect, look within ourselves and look out to the world around us.  What is it telling us? What should we be doing? Radio 4 broadcast a cracking service.  Coming live from St Martin in the Field's, it featured a heady (yet strangely well shaped) mix of liberation theology and medieval music.  Preaching was Revd Giles Fraser and his sermon got to the heart of the message of ascension - what is our responsibility?  I would heavily suggest you all click here and listen (warning: this is a time limited link, if you want to listen after the 7 day limit is over let me know) Methodism's very own Turbulent Cleric has stepped up to the challenge of ascension day and delivered a most invigorating sermon about the subject. Take Care Y'All John

Almost there...

Tuesday is listed as the big re-launch day for the Blog. Some of you have already come back and read/commented, thank you very much. Two requests for any humble travelers passing through, either because you know me or you did a google search for something on the blog; 1) I would appreciate comments etc upon the general layout and design as it currently is - I have some tweaks I would like to do but think it is ready for public comment. 2) Anyone reading via a feed-reader, please let me know if you have had 'old' posts appear recently in your feed. 3) Any other comments gratefully accepted! Take Care Y'All John