Saturday, May 03, 2008

What The BNP Mean for London

London is a diverse vibrant city. It has a large migrant population, and it is often 'sold' as an example of teh 'salad bowl effect' of living. I have often berated how the very size of it makes segregation inevitable. Segregation caused either by race or by income. While it may happen in all cities and towns, the size and scale of London makes the segregation clearer and, in some respects, does away from what being multicultural is truly about. For me, multi-culturalism is a wonderful thing. To be able to walk down a street to find a church or a mosque or a temple is cracking. Jewish Bakers sat close to Jamaican Pattie shops would be marvelous. London doesn't quiet manage that. Instead, like all communities, you get stuck within a particular expression of almost multiculturalism. This is a result of economic profiling by default - ie housing prices. For all this, the vast mix of population has something going for it. Something that means 'London wouldn't be London' without it. It can provide an example to the rest of Britain of how many cultures enhance and embrace each other. About how difference isn't something to be hidden, instead it is to be celebrated and understood and ultimately shared. We are many people in one city. We all have something unique to bring. That is why the BNP are bad news. Beneath are just some of their policies, as promoted by their member who will now sit on the Greater London Assembly (It would be usual at this point to hyperlink to the source but I shall not provide direct links to the BNP website - but do a quick google and you would find all of these policies - as written beneath. My responses are in italics)
Crack down on street gangs. It is accepted and acknowledged that immigration has contributed to the increase in gang crime. The police must be instructed to drop their political correctness and crack down on members of street gangs.
I'm sorry but when I've been around London it doesn't matter where you are from, it is what income you have that dictates if you resort to crime. I have lived in, and seen, enough of London to know that "it's the economy stupid" and economics affects us all - regardless of race. Poverty is colourblind
Find, arrest and deport illegals and overstayers. Illegal immigrants and overstayers are a burden on society and police must target them for arrest and removal.
People who have come to London do so for a reason. If they have failed to meet whatever requirements are set then they will be removed (sounds horrible, is horrible) yet the system can make mistakes. Who can forget this government deciding that they should send people back to Zimbabwe a few years ago?
Ban the veil from public buildings and transport. The Islamic face veil makes recognition impossible and is a threat to our security. We would ban this from all public buildings in London and from London Transport.
Ok if we are going along those lines then we should ban hats and sun glasses, facial hair and multi-colored contact lenses. This is nothing short of religious discrimination hidden behind concerns over security. Let us not forget that those who have committed acts of terror, the 7th July suicide bombers, were easily identifiable on video footage - as was shown this week in court
Housing • Stop anti-white discrimination. Housing allocation is unfair to white Londoners. We would make length of residency in an area a main criterion for housing allocation, and would oppose all housing associations which favour migrants and ethnic minorities.
I have yet to hear of anywhere that does discriminate against 'whites'. Instead the system is set to provide accommodation to those who need it most. Shockingly that is often people who have come to this country, from another, and have nowhere to live.
Council Tax • Less waste – lower council taxes. We would scrap all the politically correct waste encouraged by Red Ken and the likes of Lee Jasper. We would reduce the Mayor’s GLA precept on council taxes and encourage boroughs to reduce their council tax too.
Hmmm what position did Lee Jasper hold? Well he advised Ken Livingstone on issues of race and equality. He also aided the distribution of grants to a variety of charities and communities across London. How vile, funding community building and inter-racial relations.
• Offer the Olympics to Greece. The BNP opposed the Olympic bid four years ago. We said it would be inordinately expensive and a logistical nightmare and we have been proved right, as usual. Furthermore, the BNP is the party of heritage and tradition – not only for Britain but for all countries. The Olympics are part of Greece’s heritage and we therefore believe they should be held there permanently. We will therefore offer the 2012 Olympics to Athens.
Ok this is an absolute non-brainer. For starters half of east London (for better or worse) has been dug up or concreted over. There has been too much work put in to stop now. Outside of that there is the entire logic. The modern olympic movement, as it now is, is a global expression of unity and challenge. It is the only time we can ever see countries exert pride and fight it out without resorting to violence*.
Culture • No new mosques. Britain is a Christian country, not an Islamic one. There are more than enough mosques in London already and we would therefore prevent any new mosques from being developed.
To finish an absolutely shocking one really. What right does anyone have to limit the places of worship that people have? Yes, by all means engage with what is being preached within but (unless for decent reasons) to prevent someone becoming a place of worship is a fragrant disregard for other people's right to freedom of religion. To suggest we have 'more than enough mosques' in London is shocking - Muslims make up 8.5% of the London population (2001) and they have as much right to practice their religion as the many thousands of Christians who are active in London. I'm sorry to unleash all this on you but sometimes the real nature of vileness needs to be pointed out. It is great that over 2 million people turned out to vote. It is sad that over 5% of them don't feel represented enough by the generic parties that they have to turn to an extremist party that is often seen as portraying 'their' views. The reality often is a poor economic situation which is exasperated by (what is seen as) a changing and growing migrant population. I need some sleep. Take Care Y'All John *Note: This is not to say that the Olympic ideal hasn't been hi-jacked by politicians, such as Ken Livingstone, or violent regimes such as China or Nazi Germany to provide a way to profile their work. I would much rather it acted as a unifier similar to the 1994 Rugby World Cup in Zimbabwe then the current shocking display about China

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  1. Hello John. Good to see you back! (Shame Paddick didn't win, isn't it?)

    My thoughts from this post are a bit random, but here they are;
    1. Englishness is defined by the immigrant communities - for example, the tradition of going out for a curry.
    2. The people who make a big deal about colour are morons. Black/white is just that - the colour of someone's skin, NOT a definition of their character.