Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Watch : Then Act

" I like being part of a church where, after the Tsunami, the Archbishop (of Cantebury) says not, "I can see God's hand in this" but rather, "A lot of you might think that this proves it's all rubbish" - and then he goes to the next stage and tells you that his faith is still there, and gives you some reasons why, and some examples, and then you begin to go with him"
Ian Hislop (Atheist With Doubts : Why I am Still an Anglican) Thousands have died, over a million have been made homeless. Regardless of the politics of the Government those within the country who survived face an increase in the price of food, building materials. They also have to contend with polluted drinking water and poor sanitation. This is a disaster on a scale unseen for years. The only thing to do is respond, dig deep and donate. Methodist Relief and Development Fund have launched an appeal. Christian Aid have launched an appeal. Disasters Emergency Committee have launched an appeal. All three are trusted sources. The need is so great. Take Care Y'All John

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