Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Time to Act is Now

Boris is Mayor The British National Party have a member on the GLA. This is no longer just a London issue. The fact the BNP have won seats where they haven't before is an issue affecting the whole of the UK. The Church has a good record on beginning to challenge the rise of well dressed fascists in modern day politics but the need for action has risen. I look forward to what must be a swift bit of moving from the public issues team and hope that not only will the staff of public issues, but also the District Chairs covering London, Rotherham, Thurrock, Nuneaton, Halifax, Hawarden and Three Rivers, will take come together to take a lead in showing modern day Christians can tackle racism and show it why it has no place in modern day Britian. I may love democracy but sometimes the end result can make me feel sick. Take Care Y'All John

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