Friday, May 23, 2008

Time for the Duck Tape

Pete Rollins has posted a cracking wee post. He asks if church attendance nothing more than a fetish. A good question really. As someone so often rallying against the church and the system I do ponder it deeply. I suppose that is why my worship life is more akin to the 'Salad Bowl' analagy of American Life than anything else. My worship life includes use of Anglican, Quaker, Catholic, Non-Denominational and of course Methodist. Yet the challenge is still there - why the need for so much variety and change - am I really plugging gaps and holes? Anyway I'm off to find some duck tape... Take Care Y'All John

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  1. Anonymous5:29 pm

    I've never felt it a bad thing to go and worship in other places. As a preacher it is MUCH harder, as you can be called up for not being "in communion" - but although I see the bigger point in question I think that richness and diversity in our worship life should surely bring us more than that variety could ever take away. My own worship life at the moment is entirely Methodist and I'm not sure I'm really happy with that to be honest. I know people in other churches here and I know I would be welcomed but I have some stupid loyalty issues.

    Maybe you are plugging holes - I can't answer that for you - but also maybe you are responding to what you need. And that's no bad thing. I am not sure any one place can ever provide everything, no matter how hard they try. I try to use my visits elsewhere to inform how I do my Methodism, to challenge what I have establish and to gather new things to feed my calling (songs, prayer patterns, ideas, theology).