Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A meditation for the Jubilee Debt Campaign

"Who will love a little Sparrow? Who's traveled far and cries for rest? "Not I," said the Oak Tree, "I won't share my branches with no sparrow's nest, And my blanket of leaves won't warm her cold breast." Who will love a little Sparrow And who will speak a kindly word? "Not I," said the Swan, "The entire idea is utterly absurd, I'd be laughed at and scorned if the other Swans heard." Who will take pity in his heart, And who will feed a starving sparrow? "Not I," said the Golden Wheat, "I would if I could but I cannot I know, I need all my grain to prosper and grow." Who will love a little Sparrow? Will no one write her eulogy? "I will," said the Earth, "For all I've created returns unto me, From dust were ye made and dust ye shall be."
Sparrow, performed by Simon and Garfunkle.
  • Who is the sparrow in the world today - working hard and needing somewhere to slow down, seek shelter and rest?
  • Who acts like the Oak tree - Selfish with their resources and deciding their resources won't help?
  • Who acts like the Swan - Scoffing, dismissive and thinking more about what other people think than the needs of the person crying out for help?
  • Who acts like the Wheat - Full of excuses and ultimatly acting in a selfish way to only better their own needs?
  • Who opens themselves up and acts like the earth?
For over a decade there has been an international campaign calling for governments to declare a year of Jubilee.  To look at the debts owed by developing countries and release them from their bondage.  Allow them to grow strong, tall and mature.  Instead they are caught in a debt trap, paying more on repayments then on welfare.  Billions of pounds of debt have been cleared.  Yet billions remains tied up.  So often these debts would be considered gained for amoral or illegitimate purposes and yet we allow countries to be tied down trying to pay them back.  Come to Birmingham this Sunday and: Celebrate… 10 years since the Birmingham human chain  Discover… the impact of debt cancellation so far  Demand… a lasting solution to the debt crisis EDIT: Olive Morgan has already blogged about this here David Hallam has already blogged about this here Take Care Y'All John

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  1. Well done, John! As I posted on my blog, I can't go back to Birmingham this time myself but one of my friends will be there and he will bring back the challenge to our evening service on Sunday that will be conducted by our housegroup. My prayers will be with everyone in Birmingham and all others working towards the cancellation of this terrible burden of debt.