Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Library for the Soul

Every Wednesday is a special day. At 6.15 a group of people gather, in central London, to worship God. This is no 'ordinary' worship. Instead, it's a gathering of friends, a gathering of the Westminster Meeting. That is right, I attend the weekly Quaker Meeting. I have come across Quakerism before. In the heady days leading up-to, and after, the commencement of the war in Iraq the group I was part of utilised the Edinburgh (Quaker) Meeting House for our meetings and it was a welcome event. At Greenbelt I attend the open meeting of the local Quaker Group each year and always enjoyed it. Westminster meeting is one populated by all ages but definatly on the 'young professional' side. The 45 mins has no set structure, bar closing with a handshake, no leaders or set liturgy. Some weeks no one speaks (ministers) and in others many speak. Each ministry can either follow on from a previous or be on a different subject. Whether quiet or noisy it is a great time for personal meditation and reflection. Anyway I shall post more about it at some point in the future. Take Care Y'All John

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