Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Folkin Free!

Each month is like Christmas at the moment and the best thing is that it's free!   Karine Polwart, one of Scotland's newest and best folk singer/songwriters is releasing a free MP3 for download each month. Born in Stirlingshire Karine has done it all.  From teaching to advocacy she has been and seen the world, as well as getting a BA and MA under her belt as well.  She burst onto the folk scene in 2003 with her debut album 'Faultlines'.  Since then she has released three more albums (including 'This Earthly Spell' earlier this year) and toured extensively both as solo artist and member of a variety of groups. This month's entry  is called '1,2,3,4,5' and was written at the Burnsong Songhouse 2006.  The Songhouse is an annual gathering of sings and songerwriters who spend some time together writing and creating.   She is back out and touring at the moment and some of the songs from that creative period are included on this tour. So go on, sign up then download.  You know it makes sense. Take Care Y'All John

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