Saturday, May 24, 2008

Henrik Jansberg Band : In Action and In Your Collection?

The Shetland Folk Festival, 2008, has been and gone. As ever it has featured the usual ecclectic mix of local and international talent blended to create what could be only termed a tubthumping time for all concerned. I wasn't there this year but thanks to the BBC Island Blogging network I was able to read about some of the acts who played. The star find has to be Henrik Jansberg, a rising star from Denmark, who seems to sympathetically combine the general Northern/Celtic fiddle style with a back rhythm that lifts the roof without intruding or appearing out of character at all. As a result of seeing the above clip I purchased his album 'Signature' and would highly recommend it to all. Featuring Henrik and his band it covers a wide range of material that is all melody based. It plays about with rhythms and style yet still keeps central to it a deeply traditional and rootsey feel. Warning, this may not be an album to listen to when in public as you may just find yourself letting out an unexpected whoop or two! Take Care Y'All John (Hattip to Solijay for their excellent review of the Festival)

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