Monday, May 26, 2008

Guinea Pigs Required : For Hot Methodist Updates!

Hello Technology is an exciting thing and can provide a good way to communicate information. Through the explosion of methods to share news it can be difficult to know where to look and what to do. I have been playing about with one or two things and have managed to formalise a variety of techologies to ensure you remain updated with the work of Methodist Council in a way that is accessable, interesting and of use! So, a few different things a) Twitter. For those who like Twitter Updates, this will be used for a more 'blow by blow' account of what is going on, mixed with trivia and general thinking. b) Blog posts. This will be used for greater exploration and c) Email updates. This will be a monthly digest on what is going on. It will provide links to posts that have been blogged, and alongside that key links to 'official' publications and updates. Between all three there will be some duplication but, ultimatly, a much smoother way to keep you all updated. To avoid a 'Terminal 5' style situation then I hope to do a trial run during Methodist Conference 2008. Therefore I need some willing volunteers! Simply pop your email into the box on the right and you'll be signed up for email updates*, add me on twitter and keep checking this blog! Take Care Y'All John *Email addresses will not be shared. They are safely stored and will only be used to send you the email you have signed upto!

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