Sunday, May 18, 2008

A decade on we still haven't learnt

Today I'll be in Birmingham. I'll be joining thousands of others in celebrating a decade of awakening and action. A decade demanding jubilee for countries around the world. The idea of a jubilee stems from Levitacus 25 and celebrated the concept of financial release and rebirth. In the UK the mass action in Birmingham was a result of years of (mainly Global South led) campaigning to raise awareness about debt. With the debt crisis hitting the UK now it is right to remeber our duty to other countries. If people in our own country can't afford to pay their bills or can't afford to feed their families because of the rising cost of food and an increased debt burden imagine condemming a country to that. We allowed the country, often, to get that way because we thought we knew what was the best economic or political solution for their poverty. Imagine condemning a country to it simply by not taking action. It is disgusting. What is worse is the government is about to do it again. This time it is the environment that provides the problem. The government is involved in the establishment of a global fund to support countries affected by global warming. Yet with the poorest in the world suffering the highest from the effects of global warming (see Famine in Kenya as an example) why do we offer them a lifeline then ask them to pay back tenfold for doing so. Are we not asking them to Traffik their future? Take Care Y'All John

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