Thursday, May 01, 2008

Come and Share Emancipation!

COME AND JOIN THE CELEBRATION Come and share emancipation, It's a very special day. Come and share our jubilation: There's a chance to vote today! See the people hurry down to polling booths, Gaze in wonder at the list of names that lies before them. Wise folk ponder, who-o do they want to win, PR voting, sharing out the gifts of hope before them. So, come and share emancipation, It's a very special day. Come and share our jubilation: There's a chance to vote today! "God please help us," to the world the message bring. Boris could win this! "B*gger!" all the bells on earth do ring.
Today London goes to the polls, as do towns and cities all over England and Wales. With the welcome expansion of PR voting then your local government is even more likely to reflect the people you want to be in it. Yet this new joy and excitement must come with a health warning. The far right British National Party have a mediocre level of grassroots support in many parts of the country. They can exploit the usual dismal turnout in local elections to get their people in by ensuring enough of their voters turn out to register a big hit on the local voting results. If you need convincing of the reasons to vote, for anyone but the BNP, then I would suggest a swift double click over to the smashing Richard Hall at Connexions. He has chronicled many of the outrageous claims made by the BNP and why they are fascist,rascist and a downright disgrace. He has been backed up by a high quality briefing prepared by the Joint Public Issues team that outlines multiple reasons why the political extremism followed by the BNP has no place in our society or our politics. Here in London there is a second terror. The potential of Boris Johnson becoming Mayor. For many around the country this is seen as a great moment for a joke to happen. The only problem with any joke is when you are the butt-end, not the one listening or watching as it is delivered. Boris may appear a joke but he would be a disaster for London. So whatever you do today, please vote. Vote for hope, excitement, sustainability and future for us all - wherever you find that - just don't vote for Boris in London or the BNP because neither option would deliver that initial wish list. Take Care Y'All John


  1. Good to have you blogging again, John. We need to hear from you.

  2. I will watch with interest! Keep it up.