Sunday, May 04, 2008

Almost there...

Tuesday is listed as the big re-launch day for the Blog. Some of you have already come back and read/commented, thank you very much. Two requests for any humble travelers passing through, either because you know me or you did a google search for something on the blog; 1) I would appreciate comments etc upon the general layout and design as it currently is - I have some tweaks I would like to do but think it is ready for public comment. 2) Anyone reading via a feed-reader, please let me know if you have had 'old' posts appear recently in your feed. 3) Any other comments gratefully accepted! Take Care Y'All John

1 comment:

  1. hi john :)
    i read via RSS - newsfire for mac to be exact, and haven't had anything but the new blogs pop up, and seems to be alright in that department.
    looking at the website though, do you mean to have 4 archive links at the top of the page? also, the post a comment link is really really light and quite hard to see against the background, but whether that is for psychological reasons i don't know ;)
    hope you are good, talk soon, rach :)