Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hot Lederhosen Action!

Today I am trying to sort out my dissertation. This has included a fair amount of reference to the Salvation Army. I'll be honest I don't know that much about the salvos, but it has been fascinating to read more about them. One area I had experienced previously was Salvation Army worship, participating in the congregation whilst being lead by a full on brass band and uniformed combo. So, why share this with you? I was listening to the Sunday Service on Radio4 and found I was reminded of them as a particularly Germanic "ompah-band" sounding rendition of Graham Kendrick's mediocre 'Jesus Put This Song into Our Hearts'. I must admit I couldn't keep a straight face whilst listening but also thought be good to try out the salvos again sometime and just see how it goes. [Edited to Add: For those of you who wish to hear "This Little Light of Mine" as a big finish, all singing dancing musical finish then please fast forward to 38 mins. I don't know who did the music but it is the most diverse music style within this weeks act of worship - surprisingly enjoyable really] Anyway, for those of you wish to hear the service click here and fast forward 15mins* then sit back, around the 20min mark the song starts. For those of you wish to sing along click here for the words. For those of you wanting to hear the original version of the song click here for Kendricks (distinctly stereotypical "Jewish musak" sounding) version. *If you have the time it is a reasonably nice service to have on in the background whilst washing up or the like. Interesting prayers/comments and tubthumping music. For those of you not interested please move along. Take care Y'All John For those of you still reading... seriously nothing more to see here!