Friday, April 27, 2007

Times they Are A Changing?

"From many sides we hear that the services are now lacking in freshness and reality; that the message is losing its distinctiveness, its passion and conviction. Attendance at the House of God wanes. Much reluctance is shown to accept any office which demands regular and frequent attendance to duty. From year to year the difficulty increases to obtain suitable Class Leaders, Local Preachers, and Sunday School Teachers, and to maintain our characteristic Means of Grace. The painful decrease in the number of Church members and of Sunday School scholars is assuming ominous proportions."
1918, Committee on Spiritual Advance (Wesleyan Methodist Church) Worrying when you read something that, in reality, is exactly what I have been reading in the Team Focus reports. Worrying because it means the church has managed to put off (through amalgamation) its immanent implosion seventy five years ago and since then has seen around 500,000 members disappear without being replaced. So then, are we really in need of another report or possibly something much more fundamental? Take Care Y'All John