Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Gospel According to Who?

There are few more pleasurable things in life than settling down to watch an episode of Doctor Who. There is something about this loan traveller, who comes into a world and shows it's people the error of their ways then departs, that appeals to me. It becomes more pleasurable as it dabbles in my areas of interest, religion and environment. This week’s storyline revolved around New New Earth, where a section of the population are forever stuck in traffic jams. They travel miles in years (not minutes or hours) and all want to get into "the fast lane", yet there is something spooky about the fast lane that people delude themselves about. The Doctor and Martha (New Assistant) end up stuck in the traffic jam and through one ending up in the fast lane and the other meeting the Face of Bo we suddenly come across a very wide and varied amount of Christian imagery. Whilst previous episodes (such as Fathers Day) have helped create a mock Christian perspective on the show, this episodes' soundtrack included two hymns sung by Welsh Choirs! It presented me with some clear thoughts such as is the face of Bo really John the Baptist style character (Although part of the current saving of humanity, claims is not the true saviour)? Are we going to see the battle over Gallifrey as the mother of all struggles between good and evil? Was it meant that all the traffic looked like coffins so when everyone was singing it was an analogy of death and life, just a week after Easter Sunday? In reality these questions wouldn’t matter, yet in some respects this was very much a filler episode and we are in the middle of the mother of all story arcs, covering the third series, which points towards explaining a lot more about who the Doctor is and where he comes from. Or maybe this is all just an exercise in mental flexibility that fits a generic storyline to my own personal biases and background. Fascinating mulling to have, bit of a shame I have a whole load of academic work to do else I may have written more. Take Care Y'All John

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 Simple Facts

* 16% of the content in the song book "Common Ground" is directly attributed to John Bell *33% of the content in the 1933 Methodist Hymn Book is directly attributed to the brothers Wesley (30% Charles and 3% John) * 21% of the content in the 1983 Hymns & Psalms is directly attributed to the brothers Wesley ( 19% Charles and 2% John) Are you not glad you know that... Take Care Y'All John

Monday, April 09, 2007

Show of Hands (Applauding)

My Easter weekend culminated in the most marvelous gig, Show of Hands at the Albert Hall. This was a gig celebrating over 15 years of this dynamic duo. The hall was sold out and, sitting in the very top row of seating, there was a notable static sense of excitement as the lights went down and first Steve Knightly walked amongst the audience singing, then Phil Beer came playing the fiddle. What followed was over two hours of unadulterated session time fun. Accompanied throughout by Miranda Sykes (on Bass) they were joined by artists as diverse as Martyn Joseph and all male vocal choir Fishermens Friend. This constant shuffling and surprise based performance managed to mix both "big stage" and intimate gig type stuff where the numbers in the hall didn't matter as we were all invited to participate and revel in the quality music. Yet how to sum up such a diverse and mind blowing night, should it be the honest potency of songs came alive on stage (such as Country Life - detailing the slow death and decline of the UK farming industry) or the song that name checks John Wesley? No, in keeping with the Easter spirit there is only one - which still resonates around two days after the gig. (Words transcribed by me, therefore all mistakes are mine) (For a free audio track of this song go to the Faith,Folk,Anarchy Website and click on Album) Faith in You I’ve no confidence, in the afterlife, but I got faith in you. And the lightening may strike twice, but I got faith in you. And the man who gets my cards and go, I got faith in you. Who plants the vines, makes them grow, oh I got faith in you Those who work right through the night, to care when there’s no-one in sight, they do their best to make things right, So I got faith in you. (Instrumental) And Mr Hughes and Mr Jones, I got faith in you Your work is printed on my bones So I got faith in you Stronger than some background noise Is the power in the human voice To unlock doors and give us choice Oh I got faith in you And I know we’re surrounded with a million worlds to share Do you really think that someone up there cares? (Instrumental) And when I lay my head to rest I got faith in you That every day you did your best So I got faith in you You made me sure about your place On this earth and in this place I can’t thank you face to face But I got faith in you No I got faith in you Oh I got faith in you Take Care Y'All John