Thursday, March 01, 2007

Underground, Overground, Wombling Free

The role of Non Governmental Organisations (such as Christian Aid, Help the Aged e.t.c) has altered greatly within the last thirty years. What was once a lobbying group for influence is seeing the tables turned and many groups now providing a large ammount of welfare services. This alteration to a service based approach is a long time in fruition but has not had the focus it currently does until Thatcher and her privatisation of the Welfare State, whilst she focused on areas such as Coal Mining (eg Nationalised Industries) we have seen Blair look on the "soft" areas of healthcare (for example). This alteration has also seen the position of NGOs when lobying alter and many are now accused of being part of the system they are trying to change. The problem with looking at it from this approach (eg you can't be part of the system you want to change) was summated by a source close to Oxfam who replied "Do you piss in the tent, or do you crap in the woods?" A lesson for us all really, no matter what we do, where we are or what we think as to the problems of always being outside or , indeed, being too close within. Take Care Y'All John

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