Monday, November 12, 2007


Mild Tangent I am dyspraxic - it is true I am 'caged in chaos'. For more info on this see Regards John


  1. When we lived on the Isle of Man, we were told that my son is dyspraxic. I hadn't realised but the cousin of mine who works in this field told me that all her family had long known that I am dyspraxic.

    Frankly I find organisation very difficult but I am sure that if we are hampered in one way, we are compensated in others.

    I guess we are all on various spectrums - sometimes further than other times.

  2. my daughter is also dyspraxic as we found out when she was in year six at school (now year 12). In spite of the expert view there are some things she can do that she should not be able to and others she should that she can't.
    We had a number of children in my class at school over 40 years ago who I suspect were dyspraxic but of course then they were known as clumsy children.
    I think TC is perfectly right when he says that where people may be hampered in one area they are compensated in others.

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