Monday, October 08, 2007

Transforming the world through your church

Video from Two differing initiatives are about at the moment that can really present exciting challenges to churches up and down the country. The first, eco-congregation, is a non denominational tool-kit to 'green' up your church. The second, jubilee congregations, builds upon the Jubilee debt campaign to build the congregation into a network of debt activitists. Both these are worth doing because both will change your church in different ways. Eco congregation will really enable everyone to engage with the environment and the way they impact it. Jubilee Congregation provides a much more outward looking connection with the rest of the world. It ensures that the rumble for Justice,be it economic or environmental, continues. For what links both of these is the realisation that a few prayers in the intercessions isn't enough. Instead everyone needs to engage. We live in an amazing and wonderful world. The only problem is that humanity has a good naque for messing it up, through economics or environmental impact and it is only through this self realisation of the role we all play that we can begin to create the solutions. Churches have often been a beacon of social activity. Now lets help turn that into activism! This need for activism stems from the central message within the New Testemant that we are not called to be christians just to make ourselves feel good. INstead we need to create an impact on the world around us. As humanity has become more aware of the problems it creates it often can seem like buzzwords bingo with poverty one year and environment the next. The strength within both these packs it that it shows why both these issues are lifelong concerns. Ones that need to be tackled head on. Ones that can be tackled head on and ones that should be tackled head on. Take Care Y'All John

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