Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Biblical Interpriation

It is a scripted version of an email that has been doing the rounds for a while. Whilst a joy to watch and enjoy, not just because of the fine performance, I think it enjoyably challenges us all in our selective, blinkered views of the bible - whatever they may be. This leads me nicely from my little mental stretch and reflex to what Wood has just put up. His exploration of the similarities between evangelical and marxist groups makes both enlightened reading and presents enjoyable challenges about institutionalisation. As groups become institutionalised and entrenched the idea of there being a better way is often forgotten, even if the organisation was formed as a better way of doing things. This is something that needs to be remembered by all people, not just those in positions of power. Change is never to be frightening, change is good. The problem is the identification of the wrong areas/type of change. Change for changes shake is damaging but hard decisions for a right conclusion are worth the hassle. This leads into an upcoming Blah learning day which explores the types and forms of leadership within the (established/denominationalised) church and what examples and challenges the emerging church church/changing population cultures present to the church. Lead by Maggi Dawn and Doug Gay it promises to be an exciting and engaging event that really grapples with the what where who and why of leadership and who should be exercising it and who should be paying for it! Take Care Y'All John

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