Saturday, July 21, 2007

Potted Magic

Hello This is not a comment on revelations about Cabinet Ministers and weed this week, instead a comment that I thoroughly suggest everyone gets todays Guardian because the Review section has the most wonderful cross section of predictions/mock openings for the Harry Potter book out today. Click here to read the predictions/fan fic - I actually think the kids have written the best of the pack - though sue townsend is rather amusing. Why tell you this? Because there was a wonderful moment when I was out shopping this morning of a older child getting very excited as they collected their copy of HP and proudly presented the book seller with their saved up pocket money. Take Care Y'All John


  1. Is it wrong that my first reaction upon seeing the letters HP was to think of our glorious hymnbook, and to wonder what sad child would want a copy of that tome?

  2. Beware mate, your speaking to one such sad child... that said there may be scenes of pandemonium in 2010 when the Methodist Church releases it's latest Hymn Book...