Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Radio Round Up

Hello I am knee deep in ex... ams and essays at the moment so blogging lite is altering to blogging nul. That said, in the spirit of keeping you informed, a few radio programmes that are worth listening to. 1) Mark Thomas Mark Thomas is a political comedian, insofar as he uses comedy to get across serious political points. I have alot of respect for him as he isn't overtly political more issue based. I first came across him when he aided our "die in" on the School Student Strike Against the War and since then have followed his many exploits on both television and radio. This latest escapade is his exploration of the SOCPA SOCPA (or Serious Organised Crime and Police Act)was introduced as a way of banning, or limiting protests outside the houses of parliament. Instead of just being able to turn up willy nilly with your banner you all needed written permission from the local police authority. Therefore Mark Thomas has been doing this and protesting about the widest and most diverse range of things. Anyway, click here then download and enjoy a light hearted, yet very serious, half an hour exploration of free speech and silly placards! (For more information on Mark Thomas click here 2) When is a prostitute not a prostitute? Between Ourselves is a typical radio 4 discussion programme, built upon a questionable action and two people who have shared in it in differing ways. This week examined the case of selling sex. The two differing people were a prostitute and a male escort. Both had very differing outlooks with one feeling they were not selling themselves and the other very much doing it only for the money. In some ways some of the more interesting aspects were provided by the questions asked by the presenter, questions covering issues such as family background and history. This overt moral undercurrent was a fascinating one to explore. Explored it certainly was. Whilst the majority of the programme was more like soliloquies from either individual the final ten minutes covered the two interacting over the issues raised and really challenging each others views and opinions. A truly fascinating exploration of attitudes towards money, self worth, exploitation, liberation and what it actually means to "make love". To listen to the programme click here 3) Students! One of the most interesting aspects of being a student is being part of a very transient three years. Come election time or identification then it is difficult to consider quiet where home is. Whilst the emotional home is often where the parents/ where you have come from the "here and now" home is wherever you are staying for university. But this placement really only occurs for eight months out of twelve. This effect, multiplied by the thousands of students in any one sizeable university town or city can lead to a lot of unrest. Unrest caused by students "making the most" of their time together, unrest caused by a local economy which becomes structured around an eight month high and four month trough and unrest caused by a lack of any form of integration between student populous and local population.(For an interesting reflection on what this does to Church choice and what "home" that can or can't create I can do no greater deed then suggest you read this blog entry The end result of this is what promises to be a very interesting radio programme which travels to Swansea, Wales, and looks to cover all the opinions from Student Union to local student to local neighbour in a lively and exciting discussion. The issues covered within this will not just be for students though. How many have ever gone self catering or even stayed in a hotel? What does that do to the local economies etc? I was out walking down on the Gower much earlier this year and our quick pace ensured arrival earlier than the bus so much time to spare. The temptation at that point was to locate a decent pub and relax with a pint. The only problem was no-where was open. It was a commercial ghost town which only opened any amenities during the "high season". Anyway, a preview of the show is provided in thisEducation Guardian article and the show can be listened to by tuning in (either by radio or by clicking here ) at 10pm tonight and listening to the Anita Anand Show, else use that weblink any time afterwards and listening again.

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