Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Are You Still Sat Here?

This week is a most exciting week, as it is Christian Aid week. All round the country a whole variety of things and events are occurring to raise money for a very worthy cause. Edinburgh has the most marvellous second hand book sale, which raises thousands and thousands of pounds and for some like myself is bliss. Here we have a video reviewing a previous years sale... This years TV advert is It nicely sums up what Christian Aid is all about in many respects. It works to ensure that every has dignity and respect and help themselves in the long term to be alleviated from the poverty trap in which so many find themselves stuck. Yet this is also backed up by a hard-hitting, serious, amount of decent campaigning back here in the UK getting our Government to alter and change the worldwide and local laws that ensure we force other countries to stay in a poverty trap to ensure we can have cheap goods. Ultimately, it is an organisation that lives out its ideas to all (regardless of the receivers faith) varying its message to ensure maximum impact and greatest equality. We can all help build a world of peace and justice, we just need to all work together to ensure it. If we don't we miss a chance to make a difference to everyone's life. Our short term loss is for the worlds gain and, ultimately, will be for our own gain as well. We cannot continue, either ethically or environmentally, to run the world as it currently is and we all need to start to make the difference. So please, give all you can this Christian Aid week - if you don't have an envelope through your door or know of a local collection point then you can always donate online by clicking here. Take Care Y'All John

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