Monday, February 05, 2007

Show of Taste

"Now it's been twenty-five years or more I've roamed this land from shore to shore From Tyne to Tamar, Severn to Thames From moor to vale, from peak to fen Played in cafes and pubs and bars I've stood in the street with my old guitar But I'd be richer than all the rest If I had a pound for each request For 'Duelling Banjos' 'American Pie' Its enough to make you cry 'Rule Britannia' or 'Swing Low' Are they the only songs the English know? Seed, bud, flower, fruit They're never gonna grow without their roots Branch, stem, shoots - they need roots After the speeches when the cake's been cut The disco is over and the bar is shut At christening, birthday, wedding or wake What can we sing until the morning breaks? When the Indian, Asians, Afro, Celts It's in their blood, below the belt They're playing and dancing all night long So what have they got right that we've got wrong? Seed, bud, flower, fruit Never gonna grow without their roots Branch, stem, shoots - we need roots Haul away boys let them go Out in the wind and the rain and snow We've lost more than well ever know Round the rocky shores of England And a minister said his vision of hell Is three folk singers in a pub near Wells Well I've got a vision of urban sprawl It's pubs where no one ever sings at all And everyone stares at a great big screen Over-paid soccer stars, prancing teens Australian soap, American rap Estuary English, baseball caps And we learn to be ashamed before we walk Of the way we look and the way we talk Without our stories or our songs How will we know where weve come from? I've lost St George in the Union Jack It's my flag too and I want it back Seed, bud, flower, fruit Never gonna grow without their roots Branch, stem, shoots - we need roots Haul away boys let them go Out in the wind and the rain and snow We've lost more than we'll ever know Round the rocky shores of England"
Today sees the release of a digital download that will rock your world! Sublime folk duo "Show of Hands" have issued their unique single "Roots" to digital download. With recent chart success for Billie Piper due to chart downloads I think it's time for real music to bite back! The theme of the song is apt for a chart revival. It examines the role of "english" music and explains how and appreciation of the folk tradition has been rather lost. Whilst other nations (such as the mighty..ok now I'm editorialising...Scotland) can readily associate with their style of folk music, a rich tableau of audio fun, it is claimed the English just don't have it. This all stems from a comment from (then) Parliamentary Undersecretary for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport Kim Howells, who described his idea of hell as listening to three Somerset folk singers. Lets just say this didn't go down so well. But every raincloud has a silver lining and we now see a talented duo from Devon take on that idea from hell, prove why it is worth saving and gain themselves two nominations for the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards (This Wednesday - 9pm - Ensure you Listen!)as well. So come gather round all peoples, reclaim the charts from ex-boy bands that should cease to be, from washed up wannabe rock groups that are about as convincing as my spelling, grapple the charts away from multi-layered/overly doctored/supremely manipulated pap! Claim the charts for real music, and it doesn't matter if you ain't English cause the song is about so much more than sheer geographical presence, it is about why folk music matters, has a place to play in modern day culture and how there are many people around the country who don't see folk music as their idea of hell! To download it click here, else go to any popular download site (ala iTunes or Napster and search for it there) Take Care Y'All John


  1. Sarah7:19 pm

    Precisely. Well said. Its not just a stand against the mass produced, overly manufactured junk that fills the charts these days, but an attempt to reconnect us English with the music of our background, our history, our 'roots'.

    If only people would be able to associate folk music with this instead of old bearded men with a finger in one ear... ;)

  2. I agree! Out with the crap such as Girls Aloud, Take That, and all the RnB and rap stuff. In with some real music; like rock and folk!

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