Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prayer Walk

The recent shootings in London have refocussed many peoples attention away from threats posed by "outsiders" to issues of urban poverty within our own country. One reaction has been from the local church groupings who have decided to hold a prayer walk - beneath are the details... "I am sure that we have all experienced varying degrees of shock and/or despair as we heard about the recent spate of shootings in London and Manchester. There has been an encouraging, spontaneous response by a Group of Church Leaders, who at very short notice planned a Prayer Walk through two of the communities in South London that have been affected. The walk will take place this Thursday, 22 February beginning at the Library on Peckham High Street, where people are invited to gather from 5 pm. After a brief introduction and prayers they will set off for Brixton via Camberwell Green, aiming to arrive at Windrush Square in Brixton by about 6.30. En route there will be a pause for a minute's silence near the school that Damilola Taylor attended. Walkers are asked to bring torches to make the walk a witness of light. Can I encourage you to use whatever means you can to let people know that the walk is taking place and to urge them to be part of it if at all possible. Sorry that this information comes to you so late, but the details were agreed only last night at a meeting at the City Hall" Take Care Y'All John

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