Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Birmingham Fun + Lent Resources

As we enter the period of Lent people wonder what it is all about, therefore click here for the Church of Scotland guide - which is simple, easy and accessable. Then, if you need something to do here are some suggestions; The Church of England are encouraging daily actions to change and improve the world, rather than giving something up and their checklist is featured here. Christian Aid suggested counting our blessings and to do this by donating a small amount each day (The ammount is determined through a variety of differing tasks and calculations,the document can be found here) Some of the Connexional Team are giving up life's luxuries and living on the bare essentials and are blogging about it all... read more by clicking NoNewShoes The BBC is providing a weekly study group based on the "Set All Free" campaign reminding the UK of the Slave trade, the resources are found here and it interlinks into the Daily Service which can be heard here Finaly, as part of the Love Life Live campaign the Diocese of Birmingham is opening a Comedy Store which should be good which makes good comedy in the spirit of Christian love and peace, abit like affirming a union equal opps statement through comedy. The news story is here and more information can be found here. Happy Searching! Take Care Y'All John


  1. Hi John, this is nothing to do with your blog post (sorry!) but I got an email saying you'd just PMd me on the Ship. I've given up the Ship for Lent so can't log in in order to reply, but wanted to let you know that I got you the book (the very last free copy in Waterstones!) so if you want to PM again with your address I'll be able to get it from my email and send it on to you.

  2. Wow - giving up the ship for lent Jack - I'm impressed! Maybe I should have tried that with msn...

    Oh, and John - that photo is one I took, but no worries, tis fine.